Sunday, 8 September 2013

The fish

One day there was a family that had no food so the dad went out fishing.So he got his fishing rod and put a worm on it.The old man put it in the pond then he got a bite.So he tried to pull it in but it was too strong. So he tried again and he got it. The old man was happy that he could feed his family again. So he went back to his house and his wife was so happy and they had lots of money in the future. His family lived happy ever after.
Zoe thurlow.

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  1. God writing Zoe!

    That was a great piece of writing! I hope that fish feeds the man for a long time to come! Was a bit unclear towards the end otherwise great!!!

    Thanks Caleb, Year 6, St Andrews South Australia

  2. Hi Zoe,

    You've written a good piece of writing about the photo prompt for the 100 Word Challenge this week. I'm really glad the main caught the fish so that he could feed his family.
    Keep writing!
    Mrs Stones