Wednesday, 14 May 2014

The Race

It was an freezing morning. Demi was waking everyone up early in the morning and when she woke me up I said "go away because I was not a morning person. But if you knew Demi like me she said "no you need to get up because we are going for a hike!" She took the blanket off me and I felt cold. So I got up and put on my clothes and went outside. The wind just blew in my face and I was freezing so we all went were we where supposed to go. Demi said "who ever gets to the base first wins" but she got a head start just like always and we lived happy ever after.

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  1. Zoe I love you story about me, I know that your not a morning person but to bad I am. Maybe you could add more detail into your story next time.

    Your best friend Demi.